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The Virtual Tax Firm 

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We're a team of Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) and Enrolled Agents(EAs). We are dedicated to helping individuals and small business with all tax matters. We use our tax & financial expertise with on the go technology to help all of ours clients save time and money.

Tax & Consulting Services

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Tax Preparation 

Professional individual and small business tax preparation done right. We can help with, inidividual,  partnership, and corporation tax preparation.

Need tax strategy? We take care of that too!

Small Business Services 

Whether  you are an established small business, entrepreneur, self employed, or planning to start a business we can help you with your financial needs. We can steer you into the right direction  so you can focus on operating your business! 

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Tax Resolution & Audit Defense

We understand the fear and anxiety tax problems can bring to your life. If you have outstanding tax debt, received a IRS/ State tax letter, currently in the process of an audit or are being garnished, don't worry! Our tax pro's here at G&G can help with all your tax problems, so you can get in compliance with the IRS or  Franchise Tax Board and have a peace of mind. 

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